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Mohebban Tappeti still _2672.jpg

A rug is not simply a furnishing accessory: it is a piece of cultural history that has been handed down from generation to generation, enriched with know-how, skills and sophisticated techniques. The shape of the rugs defines the physical and spiritual dimensions. The rug-knotting tells an age-old story that is projected to contemporary living, adding beauty and an exclusive touch to the private universe of the owner. This responsibility should not be underestimated and the Mohebban family knows what is expected of them.


Three generations of the family have shared the same international vision; a vision that embraces tradition, with attention to detail, age-old gestures, procedures projected to contemporary living, always focussing on the designs and the challenges of the present day with its continuously evolving dynamics.

Mohebban Tappeti still _1985.jpg
Mohebban Collection-Edition2020 _0697.jpg
Mohebban Collection-Edition2020 _2297.jpg
Mohebban Collection-Edition2020 _2325.jpg
Atlas Mohebban.jpg

Do You like this brand? Contact Us for purchase!

Do You like this brand? Contact Us for purchase!

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